You might be wondering, “Who is Kristi Overton Johnson?” Perhaps you know me as a world champion water skier, or you discovered an issue of Victorious Living Magazine and recognize me as the publisher. Maybe you’ve heard me speak at an event or on a social media video post. People are often known by what they do or have done in the past.

Beyond those reasons, however, my hope is that you’ll know me as someone who loves God and His people, someone who uses her life experiences and platform to encourage and equip people to experience victory. In fact, I want to be known as someone who helps you experience victory—then together, we can help others discover the same.

…despite all these things, overwhelming victory is ours through Christ, who loved us.

— Romans 8:37

Upcoming Events

Kristi regularly speaks to others to encourage and equip them to find victory in their everyday life. To check out more of Kristi’s upcoming events, CLICK HERE!


"Kristi Overton Johnson has a powerful story that touches the hearts of people of all ages. She is a world class athlete and a champion communicator. Kristi’s sense of humor, her authenticity and her ability to clearly present the gospel make her presentation one you will not want to miss."

— Ken Davis
Speaker and Comedian

"I don’t receive very much mail, so when your godly inspired magazine, letters, and monthly devotions show up, I feel peace come over me. The entire team’s dedication, splashed with love, certainly has affected the needs of incarcerated individuals everywhere... May God bless all of you involved for providing a perfect model of Christ, which is as obvious as light shining in darkness. Your courageous team is truly a class act. "

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Who is Kristi?

Kristi is a world-champion athlete who combines her faith, love for people, and life lessons to encourage and equip others to victory. CLICK HERE to learn more!