Real Stories, Real People,

With incredible stories of God’s faithfulness and the truth of His Word, Victorious Living is proof that God is alive and working in the lives of His children TODAY!

The mission of Victorious Living is to minister to the brokenhearted and declare freedom for the captives through testimonials of God’s grace, love, and power in the lives of everyday people. This quarterly publication is a must read for anyone who wants to be inspired and encouraged to live a victorious life!

In 2013, God opened a door for Victorious Living to be distributed in the prison system. Click here to learn more. Today, this publication is impacting thousands of incarcerated men and women. Click here to learn more about our Victorious Living prison outreach.

Please consider supporting this incredible outreach of hope and freedom. People everywhere desperately need to know about God’s power, love, and grace. With your help and God’s Truth, Victorious Living can set captives free and enable them to live victorious lives!


Order Victorious Living Magazine

For a donation of $25.00, you will receive Victorious Living for one year, and an inmate on our list will also receive a personal copy for one year. (You may also provide the name of an inmate.)

Want to reach more people for Christ? Order Victorious Living in bulk and distribute it in your area.

Victorious Living is a great witnessing tool to use in your daily interactions with people. It’s an easy and effective way to share God’s message of grace and love in a non-threatening way.

Call 352-478-2098, or submit the form below to request Victorious Living in bulk. (Suggested donation of $1 a copy plus shipping)

Sponsor an Inmate to Receive Victorious Living

Victorious Living magazine is an incredible evangelistic tool that reaches inmates with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, often for the first time. Victorious Living literally goes where no man can go as many of our inmate family are in solitary confinement. It’s truly amazing how God uses this magazine to reach inmates in their darkest hour.

This magazine provides a powerful initial connection with an inmate and often leads to ongoing discipleship through our Victorious Living Correspondence Outreach. It also provides an outlet for inmates to share their testimonies of God’s faithfulness and redemption with other inmates and the outside world.

Submit Your Story

Everyone has a story. It’s time to share yours. People desperately need to know that no matter how dire their circumstances, there is always hope! For many, your testimony of God’s faithfulness will be that hope. Your story will be the very words God uses to bring one of His children to a place of victory.

Send us your submission today!

Previous Issues

We hope you enjoy every page of Victorious Living, but as you read, imagine how the stories of God’s faithfulness would impact you if you were in prison, isolated from the world, overridden by guilt and shame, and without any hope for your future. Imagine if this were the only evidence of hope that you received from anyone. That’s how precious this magazine is to inmates across the nation.

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