Beautiful You!

I believe one of the biggest problems for people, at least for women, is low self esteem. We compare ourselves to others and never quit feel good enough. Here is what God would have to say about that!

I love you, My child.

Did you know, I think you’re beautiful? You are.

Come to Me, right now, just as you are. You are perfectly designed for an incredible purpose. Don’t compare yourself with others. Don’t wish you were someone else or that you were somewhere else. Be the you I created you to be, right where you are. Know that even now, even in this season, your life has great value and purpose.

My child, quit striving to be someone else.

If you are trying to be someone else, you can’t be who I created you to be. There is no other you! You are enough.

Quit striving to do more.

It’s not about how much you can do for Me; it’s about trusting Me. Just rest in Me. Receive the love I am lavishing upon you. Then love me back and love those I place in your path. It’s that simple.

Quit striving to be somewhere else.

You can’t bloom where you are at this moment if you are always trying to get somewhere else. Take a deep breath. Rest in the plan I have for you. It’s good. You may not be able to see it, but I do. I see it all. I see how I will take your past and your present and weave them into the most incredible future.

Trust Me.

I’ve got you. Quit worrying. Quit doubting. Quit regretting. And quit being afraid. It’s not necessary, nor is it helpful. It only wears you out and steals your joy, peace, opportunities, gifts, and time.

I love you, My child. I love you just as you are; I love you right where you are. Don’t listen to the lies that torment your mind.

You are not a failure!

You are not void of hope, ugly, worthless, or beyond repair. You don’t need to clean up to come to Me. You don’t need to perform to please Me.

I am already pleased with you.

And I cannot possibly love you anymore than I do right now. Receive My love. Receive My Truth. And find the freedom to be you…beautiful you.

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