God’s Got Your Back

One of my favorite things to do is to get quiet before the Lord with my Bible and a pen in hand. It is there in those quiet, intimate moments that God downloads beautiful messages to my heart. I wanted to share this one with you and pray it encourages you as it did me.


Relax My child, I’ve got it!


I’ve got you! I know your heart’s desires and passions. I hear your cries and know your fear and pain. Take refuge in Me. Hide yourself in Me, and you’ll find protection from every storm that rages. In Me, you will find hope, provision, protection, worth, peace, and joy.


There is nothing too hard for Me.


Whatever your concern, I’ve got it! There’s nothing too big or too small for Me to handle. I want to handle it, so give it to Me.


Take refuge in My arms. Intertwine yourself with Me and with My Word, and you’ll be strong. No weapon forged against you will prosper. No scheme of man will overtake you.


You are not alone in your journey.


I am with you. I hold you up with My righteous right hand, and I will not let you go.


Exchange your burdens for My peace. Give Me your every care, for I care for you. Trust Me; you don’t have to be afraid or worry. You don’t have to manipulate people or circumstances. Just lean on Me. I’ll be your strength. I’ll be your power. I’ll give you wisdom and peace and the stamina to endure. I’ll work all things out for your good. Trust Me.


Whatever you need, I already have it prepared.


It’s on the way. I’ll lead you to it and it to you.


Don’t look at the obstacle that lies before you. Look only at Me. I have already overcome this world and its obstacles. Greater am I in you than he who is in this world.


I’m not absent.


I’m not idle. I’m not angry. I’m always at work. You can’t always see Me, but you can always trust Me. I’m making a way where there seems to be no way.

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