How did Kristi Overton Johnson Ministries End Up In Prison?

One visit with an incarcerated friend in 2013 opened Kristi’s eyes to the hopelessness of life behind bars. It also birthed in her a desire to minister to the hearts of incarcerated men and women.

With a surrendered heart, Kristi told God she would go to prison. He responded to her commitment by opening doors for her Victorious Living magazine to be distributed in the prison system, and then He brought Kristi onto prison yards to share His message of hope.

Inmates responded immediately with letters seeking encouragement, spiritual discipleship, and fellowship. Kristi quickly found herself overwhelmed by the large volume of inmate correspondence and began praying for a solution. God responded by sending a passionate, God-fearing, people-loving woman named Linda Cubbedge. In 2015, Linda joined Kristi Overton Johnson Ministries as the Victorious Living Correspondence Director. Through her faithful leadership, a committed and loving correspondence team has been developed.

Today, KOJ Ministries, with the help of its faithful partners and team members, is invading the darkness of prisons with the love and hope of God through Victorious Living magazine, handwritten correspondence, monthly devotionals, and on-site prison events.

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